Easily integrate FileMaker and Google Calendar with Integromat

I am Teruhiro Komaki of frudens Inc.

Since it was decided to speak at FM-Tokyo, I will tell you about it for the time being, although it is easy.

I will fix it later!

Demo file download




Screen after login

It is the screen after login.

Select “Create a new Scenario”.


Select a service for scenario creation

Enter “web” and narrow down.

Select “Webhook” and select “Continue” in the upper right.


Create a scenario

“?” Is displayed in the middle.

Right click and select “Webhook”.


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Web seminar “Let’s operate Dropbox using cURL option” has been added to Recording Web Seminar

I am Teruhiro Komaki of frudens Inc.

Web seminar “Let’s operate Dropbox using cURL option” on 2017-09-12 was added to the recording webinar.

Since we are talking about the following contents, if you are interested, please do…

View on FileMaker site (Japanese)


Let’s operate Dropbox with the cURL option

We introduce the demo which operates Dropbox by using “Insert From URL” and “cURL options” improved in version 16.
Liaise with external services and make custom applications more convenient.

  • Acquire information on various data in Dropbox
  • Upload various data from FileMaker to Dropbox
  • Acquire and view the temporary URL of various data in Dropbox
  • Other methods of utilization

Download demo file


Image of demo file