Filemaker Development

What we are keeping in mind

Start small

Depending on customer’s issues and requests, I am trying to start with the development of a system that is as small as possible.

Start early

Thinking about “small start”, system development that reduces the tactics will shorten the time to operation.

About development process

Rough process

  • Hearing
  • Requirement definition / design
  • Estimate
  • Develop
  • Test run
  • Operation


We will listen to your tasks and requests and propose them based on the contents.
I will present an estimated quotation.

Requirement definition / design

In the system, we will summarize and summarize the mechanism and performance to be realized.
We will design the system and explain to the customer about mockup about the structure and function of the database.





I will present an official quotation.


We will develop a system.
We use project management tools and ticket management services to manage confirmation items and record at development.
Depending on the size of the system to be developed, we will create and share prototypes.
Based on feedback from customers, we try to develop less rework.

Test run

Customer will test the system.
Fine tune the system.


We will deliver the system.
Prepare various environments such as devices and networks, and start operation.