fmOAuth Release Notes

Release Notes

Information on the release of fmOAuth.

ver 0.0.3

Release date:2018-06-07


  • Update the Google Client ID of fmOAuth set in fmoauth.fmp 12
  • Fix UI of fmoauth.fmp 12
  • I deleted the development repository of fmoauth.fmp 12, so I created it again from DDR …

ver 0.0.2

Release date:2018-02-28


  • Implemented a script to use any client created by Google Cloud Platform
  • Delete sample.fmp12
  • Added google_sample.fmp12 (sample file for integration with Google)
  • Implemented a script to use the Google Calendar API
  • Implemented a script to use the Gmail API

ver 0.0.1

Release date:2017-12-08