implemented “HTML mail” and “attached file” transmission from FileMaker using the Gmail API

I am Teruhiro Komaki of frudens Inc.

I recently started using Vim.
I try to live with as much as possible, not as a GUI application.

I am used to living with terminals as the main, and I gradually delete GUI applications that are no longer needed.

Although it may be serious at first, I am comfortable when I get used to it, so I recommend you to everyone!
First of all let’s get used to package management at brew while tmux, screen etc …

Since I write blogs such as “Recommended command!” If you can afford it!

I was developing fmOAuth and wanted to cover most of what I can do with the Gmail API.

And I tried implementing HTML mail sending and sending mail with attached file etc.

I tried sending “HTML mail” and “attached file” using Gmail API from FileMaker

I think we can implement it in the next version of fmOAuth!
Also, we are thinking about deploying to another product using the function here.
(I do not know yet, but …)


Since fmOAuth is implemented with “insert from URL” only, plugins etc are not used.
The API is really wonderful!

If you have trouble with API cooperation, please contact us!

I am a Japanese developer. (I am studying English.) I met the FileMaker Platform at the company I worked at the time. Develop a custom App as an in-house developer. Acting as freelance from 2014 and establishing frudens Inc. in 2016. Recently, I use 'Insert From URL'. I enjoy FileMaker and various services in Integration!

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