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bought a keyboard bridge for HHKB

I am Teruhiro Komaki of frudens Inc.

Many developers in the world think that they spend most of the day with keyboards.

I think that there are many people who are committed to the development environments such as desks, machines, and displays.

I also have considerable commitment to the development environment.

In order to increase productivity, it began to pursue with nature.

Purchased HHKB keyboard

I usually use HHKB (Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional 2 Type-S English Array).

Although it can be a built-in keyboard of Macbook Pro, it is still comfortable to use, I have been using HHKB since I bought HHKB.

I will write the encounter with HHKB again next time …

This time, I bought a keyboard bridge to put HHKB on top of Macbook Pro, so I tried to take a picture of how it feels.

Purchased keyboard bridge

I bought this.


HHKB keyboard bridge installed

I installed it!



Macbook Pro 13





Macbook Pro 15






* Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional2 Type-S White (English array)
* Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional Bluetooth Black (English array)

I have two, and the comfort is overwhelmingly Professional 2 Type-S is good, but the place where wired is a subtle place.

If the wireless is good, it is Bluetooth and if it is okay to wire it Professional 2 Type-S is recommended!

Let’s improve the productivity of development not only in the keyboard but in every aspect!

I am a Japanese developer. (I am studying English.) I met the FileMaker Platform at the company I worked at the time. Develop a custom App as an in-house developer. Acting as freelance from 2014 and establishing frudens Inc. in 2016. Recently, I use 'Insert From URL'. I enjoy FileMaker and various services in Integration!

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  1. I wonder if they still make these for the current gen macbooks. I have my HHKB pro classic on top of the keyboard with nothing else on top of it right now and i dont seem to get any accidental keystrokes from the actual laptop keyboard.

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