fmSimpleCalendar is likely to be released



Published fmSimpleCalendar to Github

I am Teruhiro Komaki of frudens Inc.

As I mentioned earlier, I am developing a solution fmSimpleCalendar as the title suggests., It had been announced previously, but has developed a solution that as the title fmSimpleCalendar .

It is likely to be released as it has finally become a form., It is likely to be released because we have more and more in the form.

Introduction of fmSimpleCalendar

Drag and drop

Switch display

Click event script

Customize buttons

Sample file


Apart from the calendar, I am developing an interesting product!
Maybe you can show me at the FileMaker Conference 2018 (Japan).

Thank you for receiving inquiries from those who used fmOAuth the other day It was.

We will continue to fix and develop fmOAuth, so thank you.
m (_ _) m

I am a Japanese developer. (I am studying English.) I met the FileMaker Platform at the company I worked at the time. Develop a custom App as an in-house developer. Acting as freelance from 2014 and establishing frudens Inc. in 2016. Recently, I use 'Insert From URL'. I enjoy FileMaker and various services in Integration!

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