checked the calendar library used in FileMaker Web Viewer

I am Teruhiro Komaki of frudens Inc.

Since fmOAuth integration with Google Calendar, I thought that I wanted to implement it with a UI similar to Google Calendar.

So when I displayed the calendar with the Web viewer, I examined libraries that seemed to be good, so I would like to introduce it.

Please check the license etc. when using it.



In FileMaker, speaking of the calendar, I think that it is a classic as FullCalendar.

Although I actually used it, since it is easy to use and there are also a lot of information, I think that it can be implemented relatively easily if it examines a little.

Because the document is easy to understand, I think that you can understand by reading.


MIT License

FullCalendar Scheduler


This is the FullCalendar add-on I mentioned earlier.

Since the license is different from FullCalendar, please check it when using.




I think you need to download from GitHub and install it from your DEMO file on your own.


There seems to be no statement of license.
Let’s check the license of jQuery.

AlloyUI Scheduler


I used FullCalendar in the past, so I think I will use this framework this time.


BSD License

DHTMLX Scheduler


There are not only calendars but also various libraries.
For commercial use, license purchase is required.



For commercial use, license purchase is required.



Have an open source DayPilot Lite So, I think that it is better to use that.

Free and open-source version of DayPilot that is available under a business-friendly Apache License 2.0.


Apache License 2.0


I plan to implement it in FileMaker and publish the file.

I am a Japanese developer. (I am studying English.) I met the FileMaker Platform at the company I worked at the time. Develop a custom App as an in-house developer. Acting as freelance from 2014 and establishing frudens Inc. in 2016. Recently, I use 'Insert From URL'. I enjoy FileMaker and various services in Integration!

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