fmOAuth v0.0.3 has been released

I am Teruhiro Komaki of frudens Inc.

fmOAuth v0.0.3 has been released.

Please check the Release Notes for detail.

As a result of updating the client ID of fmOAuth, selecting “Use fmOAuth” in v0.0.2 or earlier sample file results in an error.

Regarding updating the client ID, you can dynamically manage files by placing files on S3 etc, always downloading the latest files …

This time, we have not fixed it.

Also, as I received an inquiry that “fmoauth.fmp 12 is hosted on the server, I can not cooperate well,” I confirmed it.
In my environment, I could confirm that I can cooperate.

In the next version upgrade, I would like to cover all Gmail APIs.
You can also send HTML mails.

Please look at the sample file and ask questions if there are unknown points such as scripts.

If you have an API etc. that you would like to collaborate, I hope that you can request.

To developers who used fmOAuth

Thank you for always using it.
If possible, it would be greatly appreciated if you could give us your impressions (both good and bad).

Nice to meet you.